Australian Beauty - Insights from the #Girlboss

Kerrie Carruci is out Brand Ambassador and all round kick ass female. She is the type of woman who has a special glow about her and always makes you feel good when you are in her presence. I asked her a few questions about Australian beautiful and her opinions on it, here's what she said.



I feel beautiful when I've spent the time to truly nourish my body, move how I love and to make the decision to do things for me. This act of self care 'fills up' our self love cup and girl when that is over topping that can be your best accessory. Also when I can take the time and effort to put together an amazing styled outfit, something I have designed, chosen fabric for,  do my hair and makeup and accessorise accordingly,  to me that's when I feel beautiful. 


What I find most beautiful in women is confidence. Confidence of the skin that they're in. Confidence in the clothes they are wearing and confidence on their journey in life. Being empowered about their decisions and direction is what makes women beautiful. True beauty comes from within.  Being well dressed and well groomed is just the finishing touches.

Kerrie Carruci

Well said Kerrie xoxoxoxoxxo