Milano Imai - The Australian Racing Celebrity


I am a Fashions on the Field enthusiast and racing fashion blogger living on the Gold Coast. I have always loved fashion from when I was very young, dressing myself up in sheets of fabric and giving my parents a fashion show, to throughout high school where I was awarded the year 12 Home Economics Award.


I really discovered my own style and look when I moved to Japan when I was 17 to work as an English tutor. I would make a trip to Tokyo on the weekends and see all these fabulously dressed Japanese girls and decided to experiment with my own style. I came home with blonde hair with pink and blue extensions and the most embellished nails anyone in Australia had ever seen. Luckily my style has calmed down since then.A few years later I completed a diploma in Fashion design, but I didn’t like pattern making or sewing so didn’t pursue it.




In 2011 I discovered Racing fashion when I went along as the boutique I worked for was sponsoring some prizes. I fell in love and started entering myself. This was the perfect outlet for my creative side.



I have a passion for design and embellishing and love that through the races I can showcase my own unique race wear creations in Fashions on the Field competitions. In 2015, I launched my blog , which shares information with other racewear enthusiasts on everything from style tips, DIY ideas, interviews, race day updates, FOTF calendar and trend reports. I have also just created Millinery Market , a place to buy, sell or hire new and used millinery.



I find beauty in the small details; an unexpected trim, a hiding colour, a contrast of fabrics, some tiny embellishments. Beauty can be found everywhere especially in nature. A lot of great colour combinations, shapes and prints can be found in flowers, butterflies, birds etc.



For beauty inspiration I watch endless couture runway shows from fashion houses like Chanel, Victor and Rolf, Delpozo, Valentino, Christian Dior and Elie Saab. I love seeing the beautiful dresses- they’re like artwork sculptures, out of this world. It’s like they’ve created a fairytale in a garment.



Beauty in the Australian racing scene is not about looks, having the prettiest face or the best body. I love to see women helping each other out and supporting one another. Racing fashion in Australia is a tight knit community of women empowering each other and seeing immaculately dressed women in stunning millinery cheering each other on and complimenting one another, lending a helping hand to fix a rogue hair or touching up an uneven hemline is beautiful

Thank you for writing this blog Milano xoxox   

Thank you for writing this blog Milano xoxox