Australian Beauty - Insights from Racing Royalty

Last week I was reading one of my favourite fashion magazines when I saw a well known luxury brand using the tag line 'American Beauty' and the predictable blonde, blue eyed teen next to this description. I rolled my eyes and though hmm if this is 'American Beauty' what is Australian beauty? Furthermore, what is Australian beauty in the FOTF community? Are we stuck in these tiny confines of only appreciating the just blossoming beauty/age commodity or do we look deeper than that? The FOTF industry didn't let me down. I turned to a few of my favourite women of FOTF to get their thoughts on beauty. This week Alla Dimech shares her ideas of what beauty is, when she felt her most beautiful and some beauty tips for us too.

Alla Dimech - The Queen of the Track


Beauty comes in different forms, shapes and ages. In fact , qualities such as class and style often come with experience and therefore with more mature age. Especially in such a competitions like FOTF "the beauty" should be coming from a beautifully put together ensemble to achieve that perfect total look and it shouldn't be just a beauty competition of the personal qualities that most of young ladies would have naturally.



My most beautiful moment would have to be the moment when I have entered winter FOTF wearing my own beautiful creation , including millinery, but didn't make any impression on local judges .... Surprisingly enough for me , I have been awarded a special prize for Best Stylish Lady by giant fashion guru and sponsor of the race day Ted Baker !!!! I couldn't be happier and feeling more beautiful, knowing that I did such a great job and deserved to be noticed. I also have other beautiful moments, receiving a winning sashes and every one of them is so very beautiful and so special !


My beauty tip for fashion on the field:  To make yourself feel beautiful in what you are wearing, invest in good hairdo, nails and makeup. Relax on stage and just have fun . Always smile and be "you".