Wearing capes off the track

Hi Ladies,

Who loves wearing their capes? ME and I bet you do too. They are sleek, glamourous and make you feel so awesome about yourself, am I right? What I don't love though is having the spare closet filled with amazing racewear that only comes out for the track meaning that most of the time they sit in my wardrobe gathering dust and not getting the love and attention they need and let's face it, deserve!

The casual cape

I hear you, right there is nothing casual about capes, well yes, when they adorn your shoulders while a intense piece of millinery is perched on your head, a fabulous dress skims over your body. Absolutely these bad boys pack a punch in the style stakes, however, they can be dressed down into the casual zone. Now let me be specific. Not I'm going to bunnings casual but I'm fabulous as fuck casual. Right so here is a few ways I have styled our Caufield cape in what I consider casual.

Caufield cape with : Wet look leggings, sneakers, our black tassel earrings and our gold bee

This is a typical Monday morning get stuff done outfit. All items are black yet they all have different textures so they don't look like they don't belong together instead they all complement one another. It's smart thanks to the cape, but the leggings and sneakers make the outfit super comfortable and practical.


The work cape

Need to amp up that 'almost suitable work dress'? Need to impress at your next client meeting? Get your cape game on. This girl wants to work with you, she wants to show the world not only are you smart, capable and a boss but you are also one effortlessly stylish woman! Here I've teamed a 'almost suitable work dress' (pardon the pun) with our Caufield cape. Not only does it instantly add elegance but it also flatters your figure and tones down your sex appeal and turns it into style appeal (not that there is anything wrong with sex appeal).

Caufield cape with : Grey Country Road dress, Jo Mercer pumps and out black tassel earrings


The date cape

Dinner with the hubby? Drinks with the wife? The movies and coffee with your Mum? Incorporate your cape into you date night wardrobe. Capes are perfect for practically enhancing your wardrobe, not only do they keep you warm and protect you from the elements but they also look great and have a way of making you feel fancy and fabulous. 

This is a look I wore last week on date night with my wife. We were going to a upmarket restaurant in the city and we wanted a 'I'm not really trying, I just look like this' type of vibe.

Caufield cape with : lace tunic, wet look leggings & pumps

This cape balances me out. I'm quite busty at the moment (hello breastfeeding) so the black cape tones down my bust but it also protects me from winters cold winds.

I hope this blog has given you some ideas on how to incorporate you racewear capes into your everyday wardrobe rotation.

Much love

Bethy B